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New to Fintor Questions
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What is Fintor?

Most people want to invest in real estate, unfortunately most people haven’t been able to. And usually it’s due to 1 of 3 reasons.

  1. It requires a lot of up front cash.

  2. It’s a fairly complex and difficult process.

  3. It can be a long time before you get your money out of the investment. We’re talking years here.

And that’s where Fintor comes in. Fintor is a next-gen real estate investing web app that solves these problems. With Fintor, you can start investing in various real estate options in a matter of minutes, whether it is investing into a fund that is backed by real estate, or individual properties.

Who owns the properties?

In short, it depends upon each investment option. If the investment option is structured as debt, then Fintor investors won't have direct ownership of the properties. This is to strategically, and compliantly avoid FIRPTA taxation.

Each property listed on the platform has been professionally screened.

For directly equity investments, the properties are purchased directly by Fintor and placed into a Fintor registered series LLC. The LLC ownership is represented through tokenization. When a property is first introduced on the platform, Fintor is the sole owner of the property. As investors buy the property tokens, the ownership changes from Fintor over to the investors.

Is investing in Fintor properties safe?

When you invest in a property on Fintor the investment is directly into the property, not into Fintor as a company. This means that your investment would be shielded in the event that anything were to ever happen to the company. Keep in mind that all investments, including real estate, are speculative in nature and do involve a risk of loss. We always encourage our investors to invest carefully.

When you invest in a fund on Fintor, your investment risk is diversified across several properties. This diversification doesn't completely eliminate risk, but it does help reduce risk.

How exactly does the investing process work?

When you find an investment that you would like, simply:

  1. Click "Invest" on the desired investment option

  2. Indicate how much you would like to invest (Min. $500/$1K to start)

  3. Select your funding/payment method (Credit Card/Debit Card/Wire)

  4. E-sign the investment agreement

  5. Complete the order

When can I sell my investments?

There is no guarantee that investors will have the option to sell their investments prior to the designated maturity date of the investment. In the future, we are planning to operate and support a private secondary exchange for investors to sell their investment tokens to other Fintor investors.

How do I make money?

Each investment option on Fintor is different. Some options are structured to distribute regular dividends. Other investments are structured to payout a profit based upon the asset's appreciation over time at the end of the maturity time. Some are structured to provide both dividends and profit from appreciation.

Be sure to read the details of the investment option before investing.


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